Acolyte II

Track Legend’s first sprint spike for youth athletes, the Acolyte II is sleek, bold and embodies the spirit of strength and victory.

Who We Are

Track Legend Brand champions the sport of track and field. Our drive and passion is to shine a greater light on the accomplishments and character of track and field athletes past, present, and future. 

The Vision

We believe the sport of track and field deserves a brand that celebrate its true essence — a brand that exemplifies the competitive spirit that brought together the greatest champions of the ancient world in the first Olympic Games.

Track Legend Brand seeks to elevate the sport of track and field to its rightful position as the pre-eminent sport for athletics and promote the legendary status of its athletes. 

What We Do

Track Legend Brand is an athletic apparel company dedicated to serving the track and field community. Its founder Marcus Bailey, an NCAA Division 1 All-American and Olympic Trials finalist in the long jump, was inspired by his passion for developing youth athletes and promoting track and field, to create a brand that provides shoes, apparel and support for track athletes. 

We promote the popularity of track and field and celebrate the personal determination, grit, and perseverance that are the hallmarks of every track and field athlete. Track Legend Brand is a voice and supporter of the sport through our youth track initiatives. We sponsor summer track club programs throughout the Southeast United States, providing scholarships and competition opportunities for youth who could not otherwise afford to participate. We introduce young athletes to track and field through our “Run, Jump, Throw Like A Pro” summer camp.

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